Tips on to how enjoy summer and maintain a healthy balance

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| July 14 2016,

10:30 am

Summer is clearly here (and not going anywhere for a while). Temperatures are steadily rising, your trips offshore have been planned and paid for, and Drake's album is the current soundtrack to your life

This season is when things come into fruition. The word solstice means "standing of the sun," and it represents coming into completeness. During summer, all living things become abundant and beautiful, and we're reminded that nature is our first home, our sustenance.If you're thrilled by the longer days and shorter nights, now is your time to take full advantage

Although pool parties, "bottomless mimosa" brunches and music festivals are a must, they can do a number on our physical and spiritual health. It's important not to forget to take care of ourselves even when we're young and just enjoying life. Take advantage of the daylight hours, but don't forget to charge up with these counterbalancing activities


A bonfire is a great opportunity to meet up with friends or spend a quiet moment with yourself. A fire can represent your burning desire to fulfill your purpose and accomplish goals or even offer your protection from unwanted energies. A bonfire will allow you to soak up the sun all day and give the best view of the moon at night. Take this time to embrace the seasonal changes that occur in all aspects of life


Grounding (walking barefoot in nature) during warm summer days can be very rewarding. Grounding has several health benefits, and being in tuned mentally, physically and spiritually can promote creativity and inner peace. All the sunshine will increase your daily dose of vitamin D


There's no better time to perform a sun salutation than during the summer months. There's power in the poses. Learning different ways to move and bend your body can represent your determination to learn and maneuver through life with perseverance. Take a yoga class to revitalize. Summer is a great time to commit to increasing quality of life, and yoga promotes balance and evolution

Photo: Stocksky
Photo: Stocksky

Focus on your self-development

Now is a good time to start a new habit or to reassess the areas that you need to work on. Life is just a series of obstacles — but really they're opportunities — to affirm continuous learning and growth

Photo: Stocksy
Photo: Stocksy

Refresh your wardrobe

It's hot, and summer colors to live by are sun-kissed yellows and fiery reds. Repurpose worn-out jeans and old sweaters. Take this opportunity to purge your closet of unwanted items to make room for new things. Seasonal cleaning is good for decluttering your mind and your life, and it even relieves stress

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