The Youtube series has become a staple in the pantheon of binge watch entertainment that should not be slept on. Ever since the very first days of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl, and even before, there have been talented young men and women creating series written, directed, produced and featured by people of color that tell our stories in the only way we can tell them. It’s the least we can do to binge watch copious amounts of the action for hours at a time while eating junk food and talking mess with our friends. Here are some surefire Youtube series for you to kick off your lazy weekend right and get your fill of fun.

Black Boots 

This show is about a young college freshman who wants to join a fraternity but the pledging process and the frat life at large proves to be a lot more than he was bargaining for.

The Vacation

This series, from the mind of Tre Melvin, follows protagonist Watermelondrea and her family who get caught up in some mess and become targets for an anonymous killer while on vacation in the Northern California woods. And for even more drama and effect, it’s the middle of Black History Month. What’s cool about it this one is that you decide the fate of each character.

Lil Ron Ron

From Cartoon Connect, follow the adventures of Lil Ron Ron as he JuJu’s on that beat, gets fussed out by his mama and orders pizza. Simple.

Have a Nice Day

This show is about five co-workers in a call center, doing their best to keep their jobs, manage their personal lives, and get up out of there so they can move on up like the Jeffersons.


Created by James Bland, and co-produced by Issa Rae and Jussie Smollet, this web series is about Malachi, Journee, and Ade’s decision to live their lives for them, but have to go broke in the process. We talked with some of the cast in this exclusive.


Blipsters follows six young creatives in Philadelphia working to make their dreams reality. But along the way there’s no shortage of romance and juicy drama.

Caught Up

Anecessarie Film‘s Caught Up is about five college friends who reunite at the Hooper’s Dinner Party and some secrets from their past decides to show up too. It makes the party really interesting.

A Lesson Learnt

This web series is Wondervision’s dive into the consequences of what happens when we act without considering the outcome. Each episode takes you deeper into the results of making the wrong decisions.

Cream X Coffee

This series follows Dionne, who returns home from her sister’s bachelorette party in Vegas with a big secret. You can be sure that the secret will come out in dramatic fashion, and there will be all kinds of drama.

Pitbulls in a Skirt

This series follows the four Queen Pins of Emerald City, a housing project in Washington, DC. They rule with iron fists and with just one episode, you’ll quickly learn why they are to be respected.

So there you have it, ten whole series for you to glue your eyeballs to this weekend. Please remember to always binge responsibly, and to hydrate regularly during the binge watching process. But most of all, remember to enjoy yourself.