Actress Greta Onieogou is known for her portrayal of Layla Keating, the love interest of Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) on the acclaimed CW sports drama series, All AmericanHere are five facts about the All-American breakout star:

1. She has her own YouTube channel, which is very successful.

When she’s not acting on CW shows, Onieogou is the host and curator of her own YouTube vlog. Amassing over 370,000 subscribers, Onieogou discusses various topics such as her behind-the-scenes exclusives on All-American, traveling and makeup tips. She also features her All American cast members in her vlogs. In the video above, Onieogou dabbles in Q&A with All-American co-stars Ezra and Samantha Logan.

2. She appeared on Degrassi.

Long before the CW was calling her for a regular gig, Greta Onieogou inhabited the world of another teen soap opera for bait. In 2006, Onieogou made an appearance on the Canadian television teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation as Sirina in the episode “Working for the Weekend”

3. She previously starred on Canada’s Heartland

From 2007 to 2015, Onieogou played the recurring role of Soraya Duval on the Canadian television series Heartland. As the character of Soraya, Onieogou was depicted as the best friend of the lead character, Amy Fleming.

4. She’s bilingual

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Onieogou is fluent in both English and Russian. The actress has done videos featuring a lot of her Russian culture.

5. She’s appeared in several films 

Onieogou doesn’t confine her talent just in the world of television. She has appeared in films such as the Jessica Chastain-starrer Miss Sloane and Fever Pitch. Her most recent film appearance occurred in 2017, when she starred alongside Louis Gossett Jr. in the action comedy film Undercover Grandpa. 

You can catch Onieogou weekly on All American. The series also has several seasons that are streaming on Netflix.