It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. After trolling fans with fake NPR Tiny Desk concerts and faux Vogue magazine covers, Drake and 21 Savage are officially releasing their long-awaited joint project, “Her Loss.”

Originally scheduled for an October 28 release, the album was pushed back due to Drake’s longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib contracting COVID. However, fans don’t have to wait any longer. The “Jimmy Crooks” collaborators are dropping the project at midnight on Nov. 4.

While the content on the album are definitely a topic of discussion, the album’s cover has been causing quite a conversation as well. On Nov. 2, Drake debuted the front cover on his Instagram page. The cover featured the image of a woman with two gold teeth, long wispy lashes, and perfectly laid baby hair. Many wanted to know who she was and how she became the face of the two legends’ rap project.

According to Complex, the image used for “Her Loss” is around three years old. As for how it was selected, photographer Paris Arden told the outlet that the OVO team reached out to her randomly to ask if they could use it.

“Drake just saw the photo I guess, and they asked if they could use it for the album,” he explained. “I shot that s*** a long timeago. It was her profile pic and he probably fell in love with what he seen.”

We were able to gather some information about the woman on the cover and she’s as interesting as she is fabulous.

Meet Sukii Baby.

Sukii reps for the Blasian girls.

I’m sure you can guess that Sukii Baby is not her real name. She was born Quiana Yasuka in North Carolina, but spent the majority of her young life in Japan. Her first language is Japanese.

As the only Black and Japanese student in her school, Yasuka dealt with a lot of bullying, so she permanently relocated back to the United States for high school. Eventually, she moved back to Japan, and only recently returned to the States just a few years ago.



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She had online fame prior to "Her Loss."

Sukii was pretty well known online prior to landing the Drake and 21 Savage cover.  Over the years, she’s secured a massive social media following,  raking up over 91,000 followers under her former Twitter handle Bankroll Freakho and over 35,000 on Instagram. Now, under QYASUKA, her follow count continues to rise. She was also a budding influencer in Japan.

She works as a traveling adult dancer.

Yasuka is currently working as an exotic dancer. You can catch her anywhere from Houston, to Atlanta, or Hollywood.

According to XXL, many you may also know the dancer through her OnlyFans account. Though she also has a popular Twitch account too.  In one of her latest chat sessions on the Twitch platform, she gave viewers a look at her installing a stripper pole in her living room. Later, she showed off some of her pole-dancing skills.

Sukii can get your claws together.

Aside from dancing, Yasuka also owns her own nail business. While appearing on Gulniyal’s gtalks! podcast, she shared that she’s been doing nails since she was in high school, Complex reports.

Judging from her nail page, Yasuka specialized in everything from simple to elaborate nail designs. She even designed press-ons nails.



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She's a teeth jewelry connoisseur

Yasuka is also a teeth jewelry connoisseur. She has a deep interest in grills, which she discussed at length on gtalks!, explaining that she even has books on teeth anatomy so she can understand how the human mouth works and how grills are shaped.

She's a 3-D design artist

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably realized that Yasuka’s got beauty and brains, but it doesn’t stop there. She’s also a talented 3D design artist. In a tweet shared back in August, she revealed that she started sketching and 3D designing while in high school, however after moving to the United States and dropping out of college, she began dancing to pay her bills. However, she desires to get back to her passion of pursuing art.

“I started sketching n 3D designing in high school and when I moved back from Japan a few years ago I stopped completely n dropped out of college and continued to dance to pay bills, but now I get to go back to school and finish what I started,” she wrote.

It looks like Yasuka is gearing up to sell her art online. Back in April, she tweeted pictures of her work, and included a link to a website where she plans to sell it.