Shaun Robinson is a name synonymous with entertainment and journalism. As a host of one of entertainment’s favorite shows, Access Hollywood, Robinson carved a place in the heart of viewers interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood and giving fans first-class access to the red carpet. Her contributions in journalism with CNN, MSNBC, NBC Nightly News and more has solidified her status as a respected journalist.

Now, Robinson’s role as the executive producer and host for TLC’s 90 Day Bares All, which just kicked off season 2, is the latest hat this boss wears. 90 Day Bares All is spicy, walking the thin line of those tough conversations. The president of TLC , Howard Lee, came to Robinson to discuss the concept of 90 Day Bares All.

In a recent interview with Shadow and Act, she explained, “TLC came to me and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got this new show that we are producing for Discovery+.’ And so it was going to encompass all of the 90 Day cast members from around the 90 Day universe. But it was going to be a very risqué show. They said, ‘It bares all.’ And when they described it to me, I was like, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Can we actually do this?’ And they said, ‘Well, yeah, because it’s on a streamer. There’s no censors to tell us what we can’t show or what we can say.’ So it has been quite a fun ride because it’s taken me out of my comfort zone.”

Bares All also includes edits that were cut out from other iterations of the franchise. Robinson talked about the series being raw and also dished on the interview with Jorge, who had just been released from doing a two-year bid for marijuana possession.

She also shared that two brothers would iron out their laundry, with one of the wrinkles being things that occurred during their childhood.

“Tarik and Dean had a huge falling out. Well, we brought them together for the first time and we were hashing out what actually happened between the two of them. And it was really intense. I mean, they were talking about stuff that happened to them when they were kids, and I was like, ‘Ooh, this goes far beyond the show.’ This [is] deep stuff that we’re trying to, you know, get to the bottom of.”

For Robinson, entertainment journalism flows fluidly for her. As easy as the awarded journalist makes it seem, there are a times when it can be challenging, especially when she tries to push her own boundaries.

“There are certain things that I won’t say, and there are certain questions that I have will not ask because I think they’re like too risky, but I try to get around it and still get the answer that we need,” she said. “And so sometimes, am sitting there on the stage blushing because I can’t believe what is coming out of their mouth. So that’s probably the most challenging thing. I remember that my mother is actually watching this [laughs].”

90 Day Bares All has new episodes every Sunday on Discovery+.

Folks who appear in this season include:

Angela (Hazlehurst, Ga.) & Michael (Nigeria) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season six

Brittany (Palm Beach, Fla.) – THE SINGLE LIFE season one

Chantel (Atlanta, Ga.) & Pedro (Dominican Republic) – THE FAMILY CHANTEL

Colt, Vanessa & Debbie (Las Vegas, Nev.) – THE SINGLE LIFE

Darcey, Stacey (Middletown, Conn.) & Florian (Albania) – DARCEY & STACEY

Elizabeth, Becky, Jen, Megan (Tampa, Fla.) & Andrei (Moldova) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season six

Jesse (Netherlands) – BEFORE THE 90 DAYS season three

Jorge (Los Angeles, Calif.) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season three

Kenneth (St. Petersburg, Fla.) & Armando (Mexico) – THE OTHER WAY season three

Molly (Woodstock, Ga.) & Kelly (New York, N.Y.) – THE SINGLE LIFE

Russ (Oklahoma City, Okla.) & Paola (Colombia) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season four

Stephanie (Yonkers, N.Y.) – BEFORE THE 90 DAYS season four

Syngin (South Africa) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season five

Yara (Ukraine) – HAPPILY EVER AFTER? season six