Playwright Aleshea Harris’ acclaimed work Is God Is is getting the film treatment thanks to Scot Rudin and A24. Harris will write the film’s screenplay.

The film’s story is vastly different than what filmgoers have seen in the past. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the play is about “twin sisters who are on a revenge journey from the South to the California desert to find (and kill) their father at the request of their ailing mother, who is God.”

The play has received the American Playwriting Foundation’s Relentless Award in 2016 according to The New York Times as well as four Obie Awards, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The play was well-reviewed by critics when it premiered in February. Sara Holdren wrote for Vulture that the show was “a disquieting allegory” of “two young black women who have been brutalized and neglected, insulted and abused, forced to learn to defend themselves from childhood, constantly on the lookout, constantly fighting, and constantly afraid. For many, that’s not myth but bitter reality.” New York Times reviewer Ben Brantley also wrote that the play “implicitly asks us to consider the roots, futility and inevitability of cyclical violence, and to question ourselves for wallowing so happily in the stories that traffic in it.”