Diarra Kilpatrick
Diarra Kilpatrick

Last summer, ABC announced its relaunch of a free streaming service (called ABCd – ABC Digital) that would be home to both classic series, as well as new content made specifically for it.

Among the 40 new series that were said to be coming down the pipeline that would eventually be added to the digital network’s lineup was “American Koko,” which hails from Diarra Kilpatrick, who will star in it as well, with Viola Davis producing through her JuVee Productions shingle, which she runs with her husband, Julius Tennon.

The series is now complete and set to make its debut as a special presentation at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) this Saturday.

Its full synopsis reads: “American Koko” is a satirical comedy that follows Akosua “Koko” Millard, as she investigates and solves race problems in a post post-racial America. As a member of the Everybody’s a Little Bit Racist Agency, her team of specialists will tackle any case, but for Koko, the hardest case of all may be her own. She was recently cured of “Angry Black Woman Syndrome.”

Season 1 of “American Koko” follows the case of a high school drama teacher who writes a stirring, gospel musical about Harriet Tubman, only to find out that the only black girl in his class cannot sing. And Season 2 has the agency investigating chef John Williamson, who hires the agency after he’s accused of killing an unarmed black teen. John swears he’s not racist and asks for a certification to prove it.

No word at this time on when the rest of the country can watch “American Koko” on ABC Digital; or elsewhere.

Viola Davis had this to say about the series and Kilpatrick: “She has a unique voice that transcends her generation. ‘American Koko’ is brutally honest about race relations but avoids the trap of being an indictment. Rather it is a bold, brave cultural reveal handled with sensitivity, vulnerability, honesty and humor. JuVee Productions continues our mission to be inclusive and this project fits perfectly with our vision.”

Kilpatrick, who appeared in “Lila and Eve” (2015) which stars Viola Davis, added: “To be in business with the artist-friendly executives at ABC and to have the incredible guidance of Viola Davis and the team at JuVee on ‘American Koko’ is a dream come true… I’ve always wanted to create and perform across mediums. And I’m excited for people to hear my voice and get to know me as a storyteller and an artist.”

“American Koko” was originally produced for her YouTube channel.

No trailer or really any marketing materials yet.

Kilpatrick, who’s also a playwright, was selected for the 2015 WGA Writer’s Access Program for her drama pilot “The Dirty Dozen.” She has worked as a staff writer for NBC’s “Mysteries of Laura,” and has appeared on series like “Southland,” “Major Crimes,” and more. She is also currently developing a project for Amazon Studios with Mark Gordon producing, which she will write and star in as well. Titled “The Climb,” the idea is based on Kilpatrick’s experiences growing up in Detroit. Synopsis: “In an age where the ‘curation of self’ has surpassed baseball as the national pastime, two best friends stuck in the same dead-end job search for fulfillment by becoming Internet famous, though moxie is their only discernible talent.”

Kilpatrick, most certainly a talent to watch, is repped by CAA.