Across the Tracks is a short film from Mike Cooke that tackles issues of identity, colorism, peer pressure and bullying through the eyes of two African-American sisters growing up in Georgia during the racially charged 1960s.  “One sister is fair-skinned and pretends to be white when the school system in her town becomes integrated.  The film explores how this decision at such a young age has ramifications on their family for years to come.”

“At the time of filming in 2014, we wanted to show the complex nuances of race and identity in the eyes of a young black girl, growing up in the late 60s.It was always meant to be presented in a way that left the viewer asking their own questions. What would you do if you were in the same scenario as Ella? The years have progressed, our politics in turmoil, I think our message has really stayed the course. I’d like to present a mirror to the viewer and give them some abstract thinking exercises,” said Cooke.

The African Movie Academy Award in 2016, and this year, it was also honored by France’s Academy of Cinema and it participated in Les Nuit En Ur 2017 screenings across Europe. Most notably Paris, Rome and Athens.

The film is available now on VOD with and Vhx.

Watch the trailer below: