After Angela Bassett‘s 17-year-old daughter Bronwyn Golden Vance posted a TikTok video featuring a quick cameo of her mother, fans were in such disbelief they had mistaken Bassett for Keke Palmer. Fans have speculated the two are related (although they’re not) for years because of their facial similarities.

Vance started the clip with a candid shot of herself in a hotel room wearing a long red dress and lip-syncing a verse from the song “Stick Rice.”

The mother-daughter duo played on their legitimate blood relation during this TikTok.

“She said she wished it was two of me,” Vance mouthed as she extended her hand to her mother.

Bassett was right on the money when it came to performing the TikTok with her daughter, gracefully slapping Vance’s hand for the video transition.

The transition welcomes Bassett into the clip as she wears a light pink gown with a big dramatic sleeve and sleek tresses. The cute video gained over a million views.

Once posted, fans needed to double-take and ask questions after thinking Bassett was Palmer, who is now pregnant, so how fans mixed those two up right now is a little confusing.

Outside of the “resemblance” comments, fans have also enjoyed Palmer’s impersonation of Bassett. In a recent joint interview with Vanity Fair, Palmer and Basset discussed the 29-year-old’s love for reenacting Bassett’s scene from the short autobiographical series The Jacksons: An American Dream.

The infamous scene was when Bassett, who played the role of Katherine Jackson, discovered her husband, Joe Jackson, was cheating.

“I don’t want you, I don’t want you, I don’t want you no more,” Bassett said during the unforgettable scene.

During the interview, Bassett admitted to Palmer that the infamous scene was improvised.

This funny moment between both actresses was the first time they were together in over 16 years following the release of the movie Akeelah and the Bee. The heartfelt film was released in 2006 where they played the roles of mother and daughter.