Former NBA star Baron Davis and his No Label Productions have two big name movie projects in the works with two big name Hollywood creators – Issa Rae and Amy Pascal.

The news was reported by Variety. No Label’s focus is on ” music and urban-driven films across linear and digital platforms aimed at younger audiences.”

Davis is working with Rae on Feud, which “centers on a dysfunctional African-American family going on a road trip to play for a game show in order to win enough money to keep their struggling restaurant afloat.”

Pascal and Davis’ are teaming up for Ghost, which wil be “centered on a young black American male juggling life between his home neighborhood that is stricken with violence and gang activity, and the private school that he attends with affluent people blind to the realities of his home life. The young man’s journey in learning to deal in both worlds takes a toll on his psychological advancement when he meets a mysterious man, Ghost, which changes his life.”

Davis has spent the last several years on documentary projects, including Crips and Bloods: Made in America and the ESPN 30 for 30 special, Sole Man.