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Beginning today, Thursday, April 7th at 10pm ET and continuing nightly through April 10th, Al Jazeera America will present an original new documentary series, "The Limits of Hope: Inside Obama’s White House." Co-produced by Al Jazeera America with Brook Lapping and the BBC, the four-part series is overseen by acclaimed veteran producer Norma Percy.

The series gives viewers an authoritative, insiders’ account of Obama’s White House, with exclusive interviews that re-live the battles, the decisions and the key moments that reshaped America and the world. Interviewees include President Barack Obama, himself, reflecting on historic moments since his 2009 inauguration and what will define his time in Office, as well as key players in his administration including former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, political advisor David Axelrod, senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, Representative Nancy Pelosi, former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, former attorney general Eric Holder, former CIA Director Leon Panetta, economic advisor Christina Romer and many more.

For millions of Americans, the election of President Obama, the first African American president, marked a new era of hope. His rise to the Oval Office aroused worldwide enthusiasm, but the newly appointed President found the change he promised was harder to come by than he anticipated. He immediately faced economic crisis, entrenched political opposition and two inherited wars.  Now serving his final term, President Obama faces the reality of a narrowing timeframe and mounting political questions that could have a profound impact on the U.S. judiciary, nuclear proliferation, and the spate of terrorism in Europe and around the world.

In four episodes, the documentary covers the economic crisis of 2008 and President Obama’s first 100 days in office; the healthcare battle and the rise of the Tea Party movement; the crisis in the Middle East and finally, the contentious domestic issues Obama faced during his Presidency – race, gun control and immigration. In-depth interviews reveal what happened inside the room where the President wrestled with momentous decisions including how to repair the world economy, which side to back as the Arab Spring erupted, and how to achieve ground-breaking healthcare reform despite opposition from Republicans.

"We’re proud to present this in-depth account of the Obama White House, featuring an exclusive interview with the President himself, talking about the issues he and his Administration faced, goals he achieved and the legacy he will leave," said Kathy Slobogin

"The Limits of Hope" was directed by Paul MitchellSarah Wallis, Delphine Jaudeau, and Mick GoldNorma Percy is the series producer and Brian Lapping and Paul Mitchell are executive producers. The docu-series is narrated by former White House correspondent and CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno.

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