The Belles are bringing it more than ever. The OWN reality series, Belle Collective, returns this November. The show follows a group of Black female entrepreneurs making boss moves in Jackson, Mississippi. The businesswomen balance their successful careers and personal lives. This season, the women have new goals and new personal struggles that they must work through while trying to maintain a sisterhood.

What's New with the Belles?

The group’s connector, Lateshia Pearson, has a lot on her plate and trying to juggle it all. Her friendship with Latrice is on thin ice, and her marriage to Glen remains an emotional rollercoaster.

Sogucci and JJ’s blended family is in jeopardy in the aftermath of her altercation with JJ’s ex-wife, Selena. She’s also at odds with her mother-in-law.

Congratulations are in order for Tambra after a long desire to start a family with Demond and she is finally pregnant! After having multiple fibroid surgeries, she is trying to keep her stress in check because the pregnancy is high risk.

Marie is busy organizing a Lupus Gala while also dealing with her mother, Lula, who still struggling with addiction. She’s also in a number of wars with the ladies.

Latrice’s business is booming, and she has Cliff as her number-one supporter after a season of marital woes.

Aikisha is finally ready to get down to the bottom of her issues with Tambra…and Lateisha.

The Belles head to the State Capitol

This season, the Belles’ accomplishments take them all the way to the State Capitol to receive a big honor. Unfortunately, one of the Belles is excluded, and she’s not happy about it, which leads to many accusations.

Watch the promo and supertease below: