John Boyega has approved this short film about Boyega fangirls!

Boyega Brides, written by NOS4A2 writer Loy A. Webb, Young Sheldon‘s Danielle Pinnock and Mrs. America‘s Bria Samoné Henderson and directed by Little America‘s Kemiyondo Coutinho, features two friends (Pinnock, Henderson) who are trying to manifest the husband of their dreams, only to find out they both want to marry Boyega. As the description states:

In the words of Award-Winning Author and Scholar Imani Perry, “Joy is not found in the absence of pain and suffering. It exists through it.” The short film Boyega Brides is an effort to bring the public a slice of black joy amidst all the pain and suffering in the world. It follows two friends whose Zoom self-care session, turns into a MANifestation gone wrong.

The short film also features voiceover by Jillian Macklin (Ideal Images Radio and Children’s Mercy Hospital) with an original song Boyega by Ugandan rapper/producer Lagum The Rapper. Honora Talbott edited this short film, which was filmed via video conferencing.

The creators behind the video wrote on the official Boyega Brides Twitter page that the short film was made to bring some joy in turbulent times.

“The short film @boyegabrides is us bringing you a slice of #blackjoy despite the world continually trying to steal it from us,” they wrote. “And if you love @johnboyega as much as we do, then this is definitely for you!!”
Boyega himself has shared the short film with his followers.

These days, we all need a pick-me-up, and this short film will make you laugh and forget about the world for at least six minutes. If Boyega loves it, there’s a good chance you’ll love it too.


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Photo credit: Loy A. Webb