Sy’Rai Smith, the daughter of R&B star Brandy, released a brand new single, “On My Own.” The 20-year-old posed her smooth vocals on the self-empowering track.

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“Think I finally arrived / It was so far from luck / Greatness is up to me / And I’m making that choice / I’ve been taking my time / And I ain’t in a rush / I don’t wanna miss anything / It’ll cost me too much,” she sings.

The single will feature on her debut EP, which is being produced by none other than her mother. Smith co-wrote “On My Own” alongside famed lyricist Eric Bellinger.

“Congratulations @syraismith,” he wrote on Instagram. “So proud of you! Your vocals sound Heavenly on this!”

Brandy also took to social media to congratulate her daughter on releasing her single.

“I love you and I’m so proud of you!!” she wrote.

Likewise, Smith thanked her mother for being an inspiration.

“Love you more [than] anything,” she commented under a post. “Thank you for being my inspiration forever!!!”

The 20-year-old singer recently appeared in the MTV unscripted series Family Legacy, in which she revisited some of her mother’s biggest career achievements. Smith opened up about what it’s like being the daughter of a music icon and how it relates to her career.

“We are upcoming artists, but we have some type of something to our name, so it can be a little bit easier — but also, if we don’t make it, it’s like crash and burn,” she previously told Blavity.

“It’s a lot of pressure because we have their fans on us. A lot of the people that follow me are also Mom’s fans,” she said. “Sometimes it’s really annoying to have people be like, ‘Where Brandy at? What’s she doing right now?’ I’m like, ‘girl, go on her page.’…

I think we’re blessed in the sense that we do get platforms, and we get all the resources from our parents, but it is a lot more pressure to make it because we don’t really have another option,” She added. We gotta do it, and we gotta do it right. And people will always have an opinion about what we are doing.”