BravoCon 2023 is officially over and it took over social media with various clips. There were tons of revelations, surprises and absences of some fan favorites. Here are the biggest revelations from the weekend.

Charisse Jackson-Jordan is not dating Monique Samuels’ ex

A few weeks ago, Jackson-Jordan was spotted at an outdoor eatery with Chris Samuels. He and Monique’s divorce was recently granted. The Real Housewives of Potomac fans remember the dissolution of Jackson-Jordan and Monique’s friendship. Jackson-Jordan was accused of facilitating rumors of Monique cheating on Chris and bringing it to the show. Their initial fallout was due to Jackson-Jordan feeling Monique was using her to social climb in Potomac.

As for being seen with Chris, Jackson-Jordan says it’s not what it appears.

“We live in the same community. We go to a community restaurant, it’s a local establishment that both of us frequent. I was minding my own business going there,” she said during a Potomac panel, as reported by TODAY.

She continued, “Chris was already there with two friends, and they invited me to come over. He wanted to apologize for some things that were said in the past. Other people were sitting there, and some random person decided to take a picture, and we’re on a date. No, he’s not my type.”

Robyn Dixon is sticking Beside Juan and her previous reasoning

As fans still try and figure out why Robyn believes Juan paid for a Canadian woman’s hotel room while she visited another man in D.C., Robyn is sticking beside her man. She also doesn’t see why people are in an uproar over her not revealing the alleged cheating scandal in season 7, and instead did so on her podcast, Reasonably Shady.

Though fans and some of her castmates are over it, But Robyn is standing by her decision.

“First of all, yes, we talk about the issues that are taking place during the season. At that time. I have no problem addressing what is going on in my life. Now, when you say I didn’t address it before? Well see, at that time, that was something that was not going on in my life at that time. It was not relevant to my life,” Robyn said.

The audience booed her. But Robyn remained unphased, adding, “So I did not feel the need to walk in front of a camera.

Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby are trying to forge a friendship…yet again

The longstanding frenemy-ship between the former beauty queens keeps viewers entertained. This season, Dillard Bassett and Darby remain rocky, but an unfortunate event that took place at the end of the season brought them together.

Darby says currently, she and Dillard Bassett are at 70% of a friendship. Dillard Bassett agrees, saying her and Darby’s love language is “arguing,” and that Darby is her best “sparing partner.” 

In a recent interview with us, Darby explained that she’d love to be friends with Dillard Bassett, but there’s one thing holding her back. “I respect her so much, she’s incredibly smart, she’s very eloquent, she’s beautiful, she’s talented. I respect her so much on so many fronts. The only place where we differ a lot of times is just how she shows up and takes accountability for certain things, because she’s so good with her words, she can really hurt people. Her lack of being able to take ownership and admit that she went too far sometimes is what makes it so hard for me. We can really be homegirls.”

It doesn’t look like Nene Leakes will return to ‘RHOA’ anytime soon…or possibly ever

Leakes sued the network, claiming they fostered a racially insensitive work environment and retaliated against her when she complained. The suit has since been dropped, and she’s been open to returning to the show or working with the network in some capacity. But one would imagine that after the allegations she’s slung against Andy Cohen, he wouldn’t be open.

A fan asked if Leakes could return, and without saying no, Cohen answered vaguely. “I’m a nostalgic guy. She and I came up together, and there is always room in my heart for everybody.” When asked specifically about her return, Cohen said, “I mean, who knows? I mean, she asked me a few years ago to keep her name out of my mouth, and so I try to respect that.” 

Andy Cohen isn’t threatened by that Vanity Fair article

After the article rocked social media right ahead of BravoCon weekend, everyone wanted to know how fellow Bravolebrites felt, as well as Cohen…and Cohen is unbothered. On the red carpet, he called the article “factually inaccurate.” When asked on a panel, he said he’s not focusing on the negative.

“As we can all see, Bravo and the shows that are on Bravo bring millions of people so much joy and so much happiness, which is why we’re all here — to have fun,” Cohen said. “I live in the joy that these shows bring people, and I think we all do, and I think that’s the place that I’m at.”

There’s an ‘RHOA’ shakeup coming

After months of rumors, Cohen confirmed he wants to see something change. Several cast members noted they aren’t against a cast shakeup, but don’t want a full reboot as rumored like RHONY. Either way, no one has been confirmed publicly to return. Drew Sidora was noticeably absent from the panel and BravoCon altogether, so that may be a hint that she’s not returning. She is booked and busy, having recently opened for Tamar Braxton in Atlanta.