nullDarious Britt
is the writer and director of the terrific indie feature film Unsound, based on his own personal experiences, dealing with a
young filmmaker and his struggles with a mother who suffers from schizophrenia.
It’s a powerful and moving film but with a subtle and low keyed approach which
makes the impact of the film even greater.

The film has
been playing the film festival circuit for the past year such as the Black Harvest Film festival
in Chicago this past summer.

And to his
credit Britt not only has been chronicling his experiences traveling with the
film on his own YouTube channel he calls D4Darious (HERE).  But he has, as well, some 70
short videos (and counting) on his channel giving advice and tips about
filmmaking from what he’s learned including directing actors, screenwriting,. writing
short films ,fundraising, making effective movie trailers, promotion, submitting
to film festivals and more.

The videos
are straight to the point, very informative and quite valuable and if you’re an
up-and-coming filmmaker or someone who dreams of being one, do yourself a favor and check out the videos
on his channel. 

They are a great resource of information  from a very talented filmmaker who’s walked
the walk and been through the fire and knows what he’s talking about

Here’s one
of his videos about screenwriting


Here’s the
trailer for Unsound