Chloe Bailey ended her solo tour on a high note. The “Have Mercy” singer invited a notable attendee to perform a song during her Los Angeles date on Wednesday evening.

Halle Bailey was in the crowd when her sister sat down on the edge of the stage and reached out for her hand. Chloe smiled and handed the mic to Halle, who visibly didn’t expect the surprise performance.

“Oh, my God,” Halle said before Chloe encouraged her to start singing.

She then started singing “Cool People,” a track the sisters released as part of their work as a performing duo. The crowd of fans encouraged Halle by singing along, and Chloe kept holding her sister’s hand.

“Let’s talk about Halle’s strong vocal ability right quick, so mind you, it’s loud, she’s in the audience, she’s wearing no earpiece to hear herself better, and she is still maintaining her vocal runs and vocal stability expertly… A VOCALIST!!” tweeted a fan in reaction to a video of the performance.

“These two are the epitome of what sisterhood should be,” another fan wrote. “Their love for each other shines through always.”

“I love how they sing this song to each other every time they perform it,” another commented.

Halle has supported her sister throughout her first solo tour, the In Pieces tour. She previously took to Twitter to denounce the bullying she and Chloe have faced recently.

“I’m gonna say this once. I don’t stand for bullying of any kind on this app of anyone…those who I don’t know, and especially of those who I love with my whole heart,” she had tweeted. “I think sometimes people forget that even though we live public lives, we are human and have souls…”

Halle is gearing up for the upcoming release of The Little Mermaid on May 26 and is preparing to release her solo album.