Rising rapper Coi Leray has partnered up with the iconic Nicki Minaj for a brand-new song, and fans are living for the track.

Leray announced the track earlier this week via social media, and Twitter has been eagerly awaiting “Blick Blick!” since then. The song dropped at midnight EST, and the accompanying video was released later that same day at noon. Let’s see what social media has had to say about this brand-new collab.

Before jumping into what fans had to say about the song, we have to acknowledge how Coi Leray chose to commemorate the track.

A couple of hours before the “Blick Blick!” audio dropped, the 24-year-old unveiled a tattoo to honor her collaboration with Nicki Minaj, which helped further rile fans up for the release.


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Right when “Blick Blick!” dropped shortly thereafter, some big names began shouting it out—including Rap Caviar‘s Carl Chery, rapper Dre Bae, and Nicki Minaj herself.

Stans were also quick to praise the anthem online, with one user pointing out that “this is what hard work, dedication, and patience gets you.”

Similarly, people also brought up how Coi Leray was hit with waves of criticism throughout last year to acknowledge how far she’s come as an artist.

The fact that Nicki Minaj jumped on Leray’s song after giving her words of encouragement last year was also pointed out.

This sentiment began to amp up once the video dropped, as people started dissecting the visuals and pointing out perceived symbolism.

The pair’s matching hairdos also earned a shoutout from Saucy Santana, who is known for the bob himself.

Humorously, people also went crazy that Coi Leray got Nicki Minaj to do a little choreography in the “Blick Blick!” video.

People were also quick to point out that the song was already proving itself to be a hit on streaming charts.

You can watch the video down below.

What do you think about the track?