In 1991, John Singleton made history with his directorial feature Boyz N The Hood. Starring Angela Bassett, Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Cuba Gooding Jr, Nia Long, the film was was an instant commercial and critical success upon its release, making Singleton the first Black person to garner a Best Director Oscar nomination.

With the 30th anniversary of Boyz N The Hood this month, Cross Colours has an official collaboration out with Sony Pictures Consumer Products for a limited edition streetwear collection in honor of the film.

“Boyz N The Hood is such a significant collaboration for the brand because it acts as a timestamp; it is rooted in the issues the country and many communities were facing at the time, which are similar to and just as deep as what is going on today,” Cross Colours co-founder TJ Walker said in a statement.

The collection is available online at and in-stores at Champs and Nordstrom.

“It was such an important film -the accuracy with which John Singleton depicted that particular time period in South Central LA was brilliant,” said Carl Jones, Cross Colours co-founder. “So many elements of the film aligned with the messaging we pushed through Cross Colours; we were against any kind of violence – especially violence within the Black community. The movie was true to the brand, and the brand was true to the movie.”

Check the collection out here.

Cross Colours launched its groundbreaking line of apparel with a single message: Clothing Without Prejudice. This message is as important today as it has ever been. Since 1989, Cross Colours has influenced the world of fashion, hip hop, sports, and pop culture. From Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Muhammad Ali, Marky Mark, to TLC and Will Smith, everyone sported CXC.

Today, Cross Colours is spreading its message of unity, equality, and empowerment to a whole new generation of diverse and politically aware young humans.