While a good ol’ “buy one, get one free” sale is typically pretty great, people are dragging DaBaby for offering this deal on concert tickets.

DaBaby’s BOGO sale is related to an upcoming installment of his Baby on Baby 2 tour, and the show will specifically go down in Birmingham, Alabama, on Nov. 15.

The BOGO General Admission tickets are set to be on sale through Eventbrite until Nov. 14, and it allows 2 people to attend the show for under $30.

Screenshot from Eventbrite

News of this killer deal soon began spreading on Twitter, though it was mainly circulating through people laughing about DaBaby’s downfall and remarking that he may actually be on his way to being fully canceled.

Check out what some Twitter users had to say about the Charlotte, North Carolina, rapper’s BOGO situation down below.

As many will recall, DaBaby was on the rise until a slew of controversies — including problematic comments about gay men, antics related to him siding with Tory Lanez in order to shade Megan Thee Stallion and an odd interaction with some teenage boys — caused him to widely fall out of favor.

We should also add that reports of DaBaby canceling a show in New Orleans, Louisiana, over abysmal ticket sales earlier this year only add further fuel to the fire, as people are alleging that the BOGO deal is a way to try avoiding a similar situation.

While DaBaby himself hasn’t directly addressed the comments, he did take to social media to try and show how poppin’ his recent Boston, Massachusetts, show was — seemingly with the intention of proving that his Baby on Baby 2 tour is worth checking out.

What do you think about the BOGO deal, and do you think DaBaby’s career will ever fully recover from his past controversies? Sound off in the comment section below to let us know.