Since Dancing for the Devil landed on Netflix at the end of May, all eyes have been on Robert Shinn and his 7M entertainment management company, known for helping the likes of BDash, his wife Miranda Derrick and Aubrey Fisher reach new levels of fame in the dance community. Internet sleuths began uncovering the chilling truth behind Shinn’s organization and his Shekinah Church, which all 7M performers were members of. Not only did Fisher and other pay large percentage of their incomes back to the religious institution through tithes and supporting their “Man of God,” Shinn, but they also dished out an industry-standard management fee of 20% to the management company. This suggests that the alleged cult leader was fully controlling numerous young Black dancers financially – until some of them were able to break free.

Where Are the 7M Members From ‘Dancing for the Devil’ Now?

Despite the harrowing allegations that have risen against him, Shinn remains a free man who appears to still be overseeing the careers of some of 7M’s original members. Dancing for the Devil tells many sides of the story (which is still unfolding), including perspectives from Miranda’s distraught parents and little sister, Melanie, and the Lee siblings, who are Korean immigrants and some of the Shinn’s family’s earliest victims. If you’re curious to know where the subjects of the Netflix Original are now, read on to find out more.

James “BDash” Derrick

We don’t learn a lot about James Derrick (known to the world as BDash) in the Netflix docuseries, though he did manage to establish an impressive reputation as a dancer before starting work with the Shinn family. You might recognize him from reality shows like So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance, allowing him to amass millions of followers and make a name for himself in the world of krump. While many 7M members left the Shekinah church, BDash opted to stay alongside his wife, Miranda, who he continues to share new dance videos with.

Melanie and Miranda Wilking

'Dancing for the Devil': Where Is Everyone Now?
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Dancing for the Devil begins with the story of the Wilking sisters. The once inseparable social media stars now can’t communicate without superficiality getting in the way, according to younger sister Melanie. After she and her parents went Live on Instagram in 2022, nothing for members of the Shekinah Church (such as their firstborn daughter, Miranda) was ever the same. The Wilking family emotionally revealed to the community that Melanie and her sister had built that they had been cut off after she joined Robert Shinn’s organization, which Melanie had previously walked away from.

One of the documentary’s most shocking moments comes when Miranda’s parents reveal that she refused to come home for her Papa’s funeral. From there, distance from her loved ones only grew while she secretly tied the knot with BDash; to this day, it’s unclear whether the Derrick’s wedding was legal, or when it took place. Nevertheless, the couple is still together and continues to work with other dancers affiliated with Shinn and his son, Isaiah, has been credited with filming the couple’s videos. While she’s reconnected with the Wilking’s (under instruction from Robert, who was panicking as allegations again his church were flooding in), Miranada refuses to discuss anything about Shekinah or its leader with her family, seemingly using them mostly for social media content to appease Shinn. Despite the controversy, she and BDash were cast in Prime Video’s Road House film that hit the streamer earlier this year.

“I am not held against my will and I’ve never been a hostage. I go to church and I have faith in God. If one day I wish to pursue my faith elsewhere, I will and feel completely free to do that,” the 27-year-old said in a 2022 statement to The Cut. “As far as my career, my time at 7M Films has been one of the most exciting years ever and if one day I wish to partner with a different management company or start my own company, I will. No one is forcing me to do anything. I am excited to move forward in this incredible walk with God, an amazing marriage and exciting career. I’m also looking forward to moving past all of this and mend my relationship with my family privately.”

As for the younger Wilking sister, Melanie continues to hold out hope that Miranda will come back around one day. Since she wasn’t invited to her former best friend’s wedding to BDash, she describes mentally battling whether to invite Miranda to her wedding throughout Dancing for the Devil. The elder sister posted Instagram photos allegedly taken at the event, though Melanie is nowhere in sight leaving some to question their validity. The 25-year-old married NFL player Austin Ekeler; he plays for the Washington Commanders and they spend most of their time in Las Vegas and Virgina, according to People.

Kevin “Konkrete” Davis and Kailea Gray

Before he joined Shekinah, Kevin Davis was another rising krump star regularly working with BDash on television and beyond. He was seen on American’s Best Dance Crew and World of Dance, among other huge opportunities, but wasn’t bringing in enough money to keep him from living in cars and out of a suitcase. When his friend and collaborator introduced Davis, known as “Konkrete” to videographer Isaiah Shinn and his father, Robert, he was excited to find a sense of community and reconnect with God. Unfortunately, as a member of 7M and Shekinah, the reality star wound up giving most of his money to the family running the church, along with his then-girlfriend, Kailea Gray.

For Konkrete, it was the Man of God’s request for everyone in his church to sign an NDA that sent the lovers running from Shekinah, along with the allegations that came out soon after. The performer joined a lawsuit with other victims against Shinn, accusing him of running a “cult” that “required full physical and economic control over members.” While waiting for the legal battle to play out, Davis has remained booked and busy as he’s continued to heal; recent additions to his resume include Ryan Kosling’s 2024 Oscars performance and all 56 nights of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. He’s still happily married to Gray, a videographer/photographer based on their Instagram content. They continue to collaborate together creatively while raising their family.

Aubrey Fisher

'Dancing for the Devil': Where Is Everyone Now? pictured: Aubrey Fisher
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Shinn was particularly interested in bringing Aubrey Fisher into 7M due to the millions of followers he had amassed after the latter expressed issues communicating with brands and negotiating deals. He was also hoping to strengthen his relationship with God, so Shekinah seemed like the perfect answer to his spiritual and financial needs. According to Dancing for the Devil, 2022 is when Fisher, Davis, Gray and another member, Kylie Douglas (Fisher’s then-girlfriend) began comparing notes and questioning whether they were in a cult. He ultimately joined them in leaving by 2023 and is a part of the lawsuit against Shinn. In the meantime, he posts music and dance content on Instagram and TikTok.

Kylie Douglas

Most others came into Shekinah through BDash, but it was Kylie Douglas’ relationship with Fisher that introduced her to the unusual world. Young and ambitious, the dancer was “hungry to get invited to everything” when first starting out, though she was nervous from only knowing her boyfriend and Miranda Wilking. After joining, Douglas was encouraged to distance herself from family members at the instruction of Shinn. She’s since filed a police report of sexual assault against him, citing an incident during which the pastor offered to crack her back and groped her instead.

These days, the choreographer is the director of VoltZ Dance Company, which she founded in 2019. Douglas trains and coaches junior and teen dancers who compete in the Hip Hop International organization’s tournaments, and one of her teams participated in the non-televised 2023 World of Dance competition. Besides helping others grow, she continues to create content for Instagram and TikTok.

Nick “RainO” Rainio

Nick Raiano, who uses the moniker RainO, was among the pioneer members of 7M. His parents, Lawrence and Migdalia vulnerably share their story in Dancing for the Devil, noting at the end of the Netflix Original that while they’re still in contact with the social media star, they’re skeptical whether he’s the one writing messages to them, or if it’s someone else in the church. His Instagram and TikTok profiles have been taken down since the docuseries premiered, but his YouTube channel is still active with recent collaborations featuring Miranda, James and Vik White.

Vik White

'Dancing for the Devil': Where Is Everyone Now? pictured: Vik White
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Vik White doesn’t appear much in Dancing for the Devil, and he has yet to publicly address the documentary. However, the Ukraine-born superstar is having an impressive year with his breakout role in Prime Video’s The IDea of You. Outside of acting, he continues to collaborate professionally with 7M affiliates such as Miranda, BDash and Isiah Shinn.

Other Past Shekinah Church Members

Melanie and Priscylla Lee, the Lee sisters, were among Robert Shinn’s first victims, though the younger, Melanie, admits that the Shekinah Church felt like a welcoming environment initially. The girls joined in 2001, after relocating to America from South Korea with their absent, addict mother. As control dynamics grew within the religious instutituion, and Melanie was facing sexual advances from Robert along with pressure to marry another member, she and a friend from childhood made a plan to escape Shekinah which involved a van, baseball bat and the possibility of kidnapping Priscylla. The elder Lee sibling ultimately decided to stay behind out of fear in 2011, leaving her to face sexual abuse at the hands of the self-proclaimed Man of God.

By 2021, after 23 years in Shekinah, Priscylla felt it was time to leave. She had been attacked by Robert’s wife, Hannah, while he stood back and watched, and felt she would rather be condemned to Hell than endure anymore of the abuse. It hasn’t been easy for her to rebuild a life after so long, but taking legal action has helped Shinn’s longtime victim take some of her power back. The Lee sisters joint lawsuit with 7M dancers accuses the controversial figure of fraud, forced labor, human trafficking and sexual battery.

The civil case is set to go to trial in July 2025 in Los Angeles, though no criminal charges have been filed against Shinn despite the numerous police reports against him. As Priscylla navigates her new normal and prepares for upcoming court dates, she’s been developing her connection with Melanie, who’s CEO of her own full-service real-estate advisory agency and lives in LA with her husband and daughter, who’s set to be a big sister soon.