Another movie for David Oyelowo!

He’s set to star alongside Spider-Man Tom Holland and Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley in the upcoming sci-fi adventure film, Chaos Walking. The movie is based on a book by Patrick Ness.

The film’s description reads, “It follows a guy (Holland) who lives on the distant planet of New World—a new hope for humanity until struck by “The Noise,” a virus which inflicts immersive visions of ones’ every thought. The cacophony drives many mad until Todd makes a hidden, silent discovery: there is a girl named Viola (Ridley) who may be the key to unlocking New World’s many layered secrets. Together, the two unlikely companions are forced on a white-knuckle adventure into an unexplored planet – trying to escape and hide in an environment where all thought is heard, all movement seen –as they both discover the truth about the lives they left behind and the spectacular world they’ve learned to call home.

Oyelowo will play the film’s villain, who is a “controversial militant figure in the New World.”

The actor has been very booked recently. He just wrapped up the Blumhouse thriller Only You with Storm Reid, will star with Gugu Mbatha-Raw in an upcoming Cloverfield film, and will be in Amazon’s Gringo with Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton.

Choas Walking is set for a March 2019 release.

H/T: Deadline