Jackson State University head football coach Deion Sanders requests the governor of Mississippi to help students affected by late student refund checks.

During an episode of Thee Pregame Show, Sanders explained that athletes at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are receiving their refund checks late. 

“I spoke to this issue several months ago, and still to no avail, and it’s bothering me. Gov. Reeves, can you help me with this issue,” Sanders asked in a video. “How is it fathomable that our refund checks for our kids are consistently late but the checks for the administrators are consistently on time?”

While Sanders talks to parents at Jackson State University, promising them security for their children, their checks are consistently late, The Hill reports.


“Here’s the problem. I sit with a parent and say I’m going to take care of your child and make sure your child is secure,” Sanders said. “Yet and still, refund checks are consistently late. Now the child calls the parent needing money. Now the parent has to overextend themselves or the child has to go to the bank and take out a loan to pay their rent on money they should already have. We’ve got to keep our momentum, so we have to get these checks out on time to these kids.”

“And guess what? Three of them are mine,” Sanders continued. “And you know, I ain’t having it because now they’re bothering me about something they should already have. Thank God I got it. But I’m looking out, and I’m speaking out for those parents that may not, that are budgeting their life. Someone help me bring solvency to this consistent and continuous problem.”

Sanders then pleads to Reeves, who was elected to office in Mississippi in 2020.


“Governor Reeves, you’re a friend. I adore you,” Sanders said. “I need you to tell me where is the shortcoming coming from? Did I say that right? Where is this disconnect coming from? Is it from the state, the government or is it from the school campuses, those administrators? I need to know because it’s affecting us.”

Since his arrival at Jackson State, Sanders has consistently elevated conversations about HBCU schools, both athletically and otherwise.


As Blavity previously reported, Sanders will donate half of his salary to help complete the program’s football facility renovations, he announced on Instagram.