The legend Dionne Warwick is continuing to cement herself as one of the most buzzyworthy figures of the moment thanks to a funny cameo on Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live‘s Ego Nwodim portrays Warwick in a new installment of popular sketch “The Dionne Warwick Talk Show.” But this time, Warwick came on as a guest to be interviewed by someone as legendary as herself.

“You know what? I’m tired of interviewing people who are not icons,” said Nwodim in character. “Please welcome me,” she said as Warwick came on the stage. Warwick hilariously responded, “I’m so excited for you that I’m here.”

Nwodim, as Warwick, asked, “Well, let me ask you something, Dionne. Why are you perfect?” Warwick replied, “Darling, I’m not perfect, just very, very good.”

Warwick also used her popular Twitter presence to comment on the sketch, writing, “I had fun at @nbcsnl. Thank you to @eggy_boom(ME), @Punkiejonson (as [Warwick’s niece and actress] @BrittaniWarrick), and to the writers, cast, and crew. I had a wonderful time with you all.”

The guest appearance was a culmination of Warwick’s online praise of Nwodim as Warwick, calling the skit “a hilarious birthday gift” since the first installment premiered on her 80th birthday. She also called Nwodim’s impression “very good” and wrote that she’s a “star.”

Warwick has been a delight to fans on Twitter ever since she was convinced by Warrick to join the platform, gaining a new set of younger fans. She has also used Twitter to take people to task, including Wendy Williams, who has had disparaging coverage of her life in past episodes of her talk show.