The Detroit Youth Choir delivered an uplifting performance Wednesday on Good Morning America, singing “Momma We Made It” to mark the premiere of Disney+’s new original docuseries, Choir,

The group, comprising 15 members dressed in royal blue and white, captivated viewers with their original song featured in the project. Adorned in their vibrant attire, each member exuded a sense of unity and purpose as they delivered a performance brimming with passion and authenticity. 

Through their music, the Detroit Youth Choir embodies the core message of harmony and resilience that the Choir docuseries aims to convey. The six-part series offers a glimpse into the lives of these talented kids as they embark on a transformative journey. From balancing the demands of family, school, and athletics to pursuing their dreams of showcasing their talents globally, viewers will witness the highs and lows of their everyday lives.

As Blavity’s Shadow and Act previously reported, the choir appeared on the 14th season of America’s Got Talent with a remarkable 2019 performance. Their director, Anthony White, has “impacted and empowered more than 1000 kids through music for over two decades. His efforts with DYC captivated America in an incredible rise to the finale” of the televised American talent show. 

Choir, helmed by Rudy Valdez, is produced by Imagine Documentaries and Blumhouse Television. Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Justin Wilkes, Sara Bernstein, and Ryan Miller are executive producers leading the production from Imagine Documentaries. Blumhouse Television’s executive producers include Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, and Gretchen Palek. Additionally, Rudy Valdez and Michael Seitzman from Maniac Productions also serve as executive producers on the project.

Check out the Detroit Youth Choir’s full GMA performance below: