Sitting down for an interview on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Gold Minds podcast back in March, comedian Eddie Griffin said Tupac almost landed a key role on Malcolm & Eddie, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s. Social media users have heard the resurfaced clip and are now imagining how the late rapper would have fared if he landed the role, which was given to Malcolm Jamal Warner.


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Instagram account @theartofdialogue also shared the clip, and users left their reactions in the comments section.

“There’s always a new 2Pac story out there. Eddie and Pac would have been something,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Pac would’ve been perfect in the Malcolm role,” another person said.

Some others disagreed.

“Jamal was a great balance to Eddie’s dynamic personality,” one person wrote. “Two dynamic personalities as the star of [a] 20min sitcom probably wouldn’t have survived.”

Griffin said he rejected the idea when some suggested that Tupac should join him, ahead of Warner’s addition.

“They was like me and Tupac. I’m like ‘N***a, that show will be canceled after two episodes,'” the comedian said. “You can’t have two volatile n****s on the show.”

The producers then suggested Warner be the costar.

“They said, Malcolm Jamal Warner. I said you’re talking about Theo,'” Griffin said, referring to Warner’s character on The Cosby Show. “I said ‘Yeah, that’s a good look.'”

The comedian said he later went for a drink with Warner and the two actors bonded as Griffin realized that his costar “can put it down.”

“That motherf**ker drank about seven martinis,” Griffin said. “As my grandfather told me, ‘if a motherf**ker won’t drink with you, you can’t trust him.”

While some people are imagining how the show would have been different if Tupac landed the role, others are calling cap on Griffin’s story.

“Everyone has a fake Pac story smh,” one Instagram user wrote.

“He probably mean that they suggested 2Pac to him not that something was set in stone or Pac even knew about this,” another person said.