Coming 2 America is coming to March 5, bringing us back to Zamunda to learn about the latest chapter in Prince Akeem’s life. But, according to Eddie Murphy, the film could have been different.

Murphy told The New York Times that Ryan Coogler approached him with an idea that Murphy eventually declined.

“[Coogler] had an idea for Michael B. Jordan to play my son and he would be looking for a wife,” he said. “I was like, then the movie would be about the son, it’s not our characters, we already did that. It didn’t come together.”

If Coogler’s idea was approved, it would have been the next collaboration between Coogler and Jordan. But, as Murphy states, the sequel wouldn’t have focused on Prince Akeem, the character many fans want to see.

Instead, Coming 2 America‘s script hails from Barry W. Blaustein, Justin Kanew, David Sheffield and Kenya Barris and reuinites classic characters played by the original cast, including Shari Headley and James Earl Jones among others, with new ones, played by Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, Jermaine Fowler, and KiKi Layne, to name a few.