(Shadow and Act Exclusive): One of the stars from Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club reboot, Regan Aliyah, and one of the cast members from Amazon Prime’s Just Add Magic, Judah Bellamy have been tapped to host Elevated Daily, a talk show blending social justice news with topical stories from television, film, fashion music, sports and social media.

“Even in the digital age, word of mouth is still the most effective form of communication, which means millennials get their news from other millennials,” says Elevated Daily creator and executive producer Darren D. Dickerson. “We will be that trusted source for social justice news because our hosts are millennials and they set the agenda, it’s their show.”

Staci Harris, singer Candace Wakefield and singer/host Ryan Asher round out the show.

Production on Elevated Daily begins this Friday at YouTube, with a series of interviews for the a segment of the series called “Stay Woke.”

“This whole thing began with a town hall meeting hosted by Roland S. Martin that I produced for the premiere of the TV One series Two Sides, says Dickerson. “We ended up with over 100,000 views with no promotion.”

Dickerson saw the social media numbers as a sign and continued to host live stream events on social justice issues. After posting a particularly heated panel discussion with former L.A. prosecutor and O.J. Simpson trial attorney Chris Darden and attorney Larry Hannah, who represents police officers, Dickerson was contacted by the NFL. The Players Coalition asked him to film their event.

Riding the momentum from Super Bowl, Dickerson pitched Adrienne Mari’ya, Regan Aliyah’s mother and manager, on the idea for Elevated Daily and in days it al came together as a talk show.

Dickerson and Mari’ya will serve as co-executive producers. Harris, Jamaal Finkley of BlackTree TV, Mike Melendy of Rolling Out and J. Marie Jones are producers on the series.