Daddy Don't Go
Daddy Don’t Go

Pureland Pictures announced today that they will be debuting the critically praised DOC NYC film “Daddy Don’t Go,” executive produced by Omar Epps and Malik Yoba, exclusively, for a limited time, on Vimeo, starting this Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016.

In pre-order now, “Daddy Don’t Go” follows the lives of four young fathers – Alex, Nelson, Roy and Omar – as they struggle to navigate parenthood. For disadvantaged men, parenting is a daily decision. Filmed over the course of two years by acclaimed filmmaker Emily Abt, “Daddy Don’t Go” illuminates the various socioeconomic pressures low-income fathers face and provides compelling portraits of men who persevere. Epic in scale but intimate in focus, the film shows viewers how men can still be present fathers despite having limited means and facing certain obstacles. By allowing the viewer extraordinary access into the daily lives of its subjects, “Daddy Don’t Go” removes the negative lens through which underprivileged fathers are currently viewed and offers audiences a new image of the American family.

“Our team is thrilled to be launching on Vimeo for the Father’s Day release of this timely film,” Abt said. “‘Daddy Don’t Go’ pays homage to disadvantaged dads so it was crucial that our film be widely available and easily accessible. We want every dad in America to be able to see our film and Vimeo is making that possible.”

“Being the product of a fatherless household, ‘Daddy Don’t Go’ delves into an issue that’s close to my heart,” said Omar Epps. “The media inundates us with the notion that men from impoverished areas are absent fathers but meanwhile there are millions of men fighting to be active in their children’s lives. This film chronicles the journeys of four such men and their respective battles to parent their children. It’s time men like Alex, Omar, Nelson and Roy have a platform to challenge the deadbeat dad stereotype.”

“As a father of three children and a lifelong advocate for children, families and community building, this emotionally gripping and powerful film comes at the right time to continue a much needed conversation”, said Malik Yoba. “It also gives a voice to countless voiceless fathers who work hard everyday to hold it together and give their children a fulfilled life. Emily and the rest of the team have poured 4 years of blood, sweat and tears into this passion project and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Filmmaker Emily Abt has produced and directed documentaries for PBS, OWN, MTV, Showtime and the Sundance Channel. Her documentary features include “Take It From Me” (2001 POV) and “All of Us” (Showtime’s 2008 World AIDS Day film). Abt’s first narrative feature, “Toe to Toe” premiered at Sundance 2009 and was released in 2010 by Strand Releasing. “Audrey’s Run,” Abt’s most recent narrative feature which she wrote and will direct, is currently in development with Paula Patton, Mike Epps, Jurnee Smollett, and Pablo Schreiber starring.

“Daddy Don’t Go” had its world premiere at the 2015 DOC NYC.

Trailer below: