Goonew’s family is defending the controversial celebration of life they recently held for the DMV rapper.

Goonew’s family held his funeral dubbed “The Final Show” at Bliss Nightclub in Washington, D.C. His embalmed corpse was present and was displayed standing upright on stage.

Goonew, born Markelle Morrow, was gunned down during a robbery in his hometown of District Heights, Maryland. An unknown perp robbed Goonew before shooting him in the back, as Blavity previously reported. The Prince George’s County Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

People began sharing their opinions online, most people criticizing the service, with many users openly questioning whether Goonew or his family would have approved of the event.

The owners of Bliss Nightclub also released a brief statement on Instagram.

“Bliss was never made aware of what would transpire,” the statement read. “We sincerely apologize to all those who may be upset or offended.”

Goonew’s family spoke on the controversy and defended how they honored their young rapper.

“It’s something I wanted to do. That’s how Markelle wanted me to do it. That’s how he wanted to go out. He wanted to celebrate his life. Turning it up, having a party,” Goonew’s mother, Patrice Morrow, said. “He didn’t want people to be sad and crying. He always wanted people to be happy and having fun.”

“For all the negatives, people probably don’t even know nothing about us,” she continued. “I’m pleased with how I sent my son away. I wish people would just let me grieve in peace.”


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Similarly, Goonew’s sister also shut down the naysayers, and she took aim at those who questioned the family’s stance on the service.

“We don’t care about anybody and what ya’ll have to say negative. Nobody. We don’t care. They’re like, ‘I know his mama wouldn’t approve of that’. Yeah, she did. She was on stage with us.”

In other words, Goonew’s family wants everyone to keep their criticism to themselves and mind their business!