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Darkan Entertainment

A live-action “Black Lightning” TV series adaptation – one of the first major African American superheroes to appear in DC Comics – is currently in the works at Fox with a pilot commitment, in a collaboration between Mara Brock and Salim Akil, and Greg Berlanti.

Whether it eventually becomes a series you’ll watch on your TV screens is early to say at this point. The TV content development process is an uncertain one, as we’ve seen numerous project announcements made over the years that ultimately never materialize into actual series.

But one “Black Lightning” project that’s a sure-thing is a new fan-made short film dedicated to the DC comic/Warner Bros Justice League superhero.

Titled “Black Lightning – Tobias’ Revenge,” the film hails from Darkan Entertainment, and is directed by long-time S&A reader and frequent commenter Choice Skinner, who also stars as the title character.

Skinner came up with the story and wrote the screenplay with James M. Black, with visual effects by both gentlemen, along with Chase Baker.

Its synopsis reads: While on a mission to rescue the kidnapped mayor of Metropolis, Jefferson Pierce (aka Black Lightning) faces his nemesis Tobias Whale, and several high ranking members of the 100 gang, making it his toughest battle yet.

The expected 25 minute short co-stars James M. Black as Static, Dimitri Morantus as Tobias Whale, Jay Hunter as Gangbuster and Sachiko Ishida as Lady Shiva.

Shot over a total of 7 days, financed entirely by the filmmakers, the fan-made DC film has been completed and is now premiering online, split up into 2 parts; part 1 is out and embedded below; and part 2 is scheduled to follow in about 4 weeks.

Watch part 1 below (it’s just over 18 minutes long), which we’ll also make this week’s Short Shout!

But first, a necessary disclaimer by the filmmakers reads: “‘Black Lightning – Tobias’ Revenge’ is a non-profit film for private use only, and is not for sale or resale. It is strictly for the promotional use of the filmmakers. It is in NO way endorsed by Warner Brothers, DC Comics or FOX television nor is it intended to undermine or compete with any existing or forthcoming material. ‘Black Lightning – Tobias’ Revenge’ is created for fun and should not be sold, rented or used for anything of the sort. Darkan Entertainment, LLC makes no claim to any of the characters, locations, storyline, props, costume designs, logos, names or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by the federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. This film is produced solely for the personal enjoyment of the cast, crew and any other Black Lightning fans. No copyright infringement is intended or implied. All characters are owned by DC, Warner Brothers and Fox Television.”

You can follow the short film’s progress via its website (www.blacklightningfanfilm.com) or social media accounts (www.twitter.com/blfanfilm and www.facebook.com/blacklightninggroup).