Rollie Bands, a rapper based out of Tampa, Florida, was shot and killed this past Friday afternoon. He was gunned down shortly after sending a very bold message to his “opps” through Instagram.


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“A lot of these n***as know where I live at fr,” he wrote on his Instagram Story, according to screenshots secured by Onsite! “I sleep in peace.”

“If a n***a want smoke I’m at my crib in 5 mins,” Rollie Bands continued.


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Evidently, those with a bone to pick with the rapper were more than happy to roll up on him, especially considering the fact that Rollie Bands openly invited them to come through.

Shortly after making the post, Rollie Bands was gunned down in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

“At this time, the shooting does not appear random, as the suspects and victim are possibly known to each other,” the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office noted, according to REVOLT.

Judging from the rapper’s Instagram posts, it appears as though he had a young daughter, whom he’s survived by.

“The only person I live for,” Rollie Bands wrote beneath a picture of the child.


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With the circumstances surrounding the shooting, people understandably began jumping on social media to share their thoughts. Check out what some Twitter users had to say down below.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and no arrests have been made at this point in time.

This incident comes about a month after another rapper named Lil Tjay suffered life-threatening injuries during an armed robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey, as Blavity previously reported.

A man named Mohamed Konate was eventually arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree attempted murder, three counts of first-degree armed robbery and numerous weapons charges.

Meanwhile, Lil Tjay received emergency surgery and survived the shooting. He hasn’t been active on social media since the ordeal, so it looks like he’s focused on his recovery.