Retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown has a new job.
Retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown has a new job.

Retired Dallas, TX Police Chief David Brown will be joining ABC News as a contributor starting on Jan. 1, according to an inside memo sent out today. WFAA reporter Jason Whitely tweeted the news this morning as you can see below:

“As our country begins a new presidential era, we’re very fortunate to have Chief Brown’s unique perspective to inform our reporting on many of the nation’s fault lines — economic inequality, gun violence, race relations and social justice,” the memo reads.

Brown, who’s been on the Dallas police force for 33 years (including six years as chief of police), received national praise for his handling of the aftermath of the July 7 shooting in downtown Dallas, when a lone gunman ambushed police officers, killing five and injuring nine others. And at what appeared to be the height of fame, Brown would retire a few months later, in October, immediately locking up public speaking commitments that reportedly pay him as much as $10,000 for each.

During Brown’s tenure, he emphasized community policing, such as putting officers on foot patrols in neighborhoods and assigning cops to play sports with kids. He also publicly released all use of force data, required all of his staff to undergo racial bias training and changed a foot chase policy in an effort to prevent police shootings.

He has also been an outspoken supporter of police officers, and he took a kinder approach to policing protests, encouraging his officers to mingle with protesters and foregoing heavy tactical gear.

During his tenure on the Dallas police force, he saw a partner killed in the line of duty, his brother killed by drug dealers, and his son shoot and kill a cop and then was killed by police officers.

In his retirement speech, Brown said he believes he has a story to tell, one that he now will be sharing regularly during his appearances as part of the ABC News team.

He also shared: “I’m going to love people in retirement. That’s the potion that’s gonna heal us in this country.”