Get Out is considered to be a film which could pull an upset at next year’s Golden Globes.

If you didn’t think it had a chance, prepare to eat your words, because those chances have just increased.

Sources have confirmed to EW that the horror/satire film will compete as a comedy film, and will go against competition in the comedy/musical categories.

Variety editor Kristopher Tapley also tweeted:

This would increase its chances of being nominated (and winning), especially in the category of Lead Actor in a Comedy/Musical for its star, Daniel Kaluuya (and where the competition is less steep than drama).

So while it is wild (and offensive to some) that the film would compete as a comedy, in the sense of the Globes and other awards, it may prove to be beneficial. Also, in general horror is a genre that always had a hard time breaking through awards season anyway. That could have been a huge factor in this choice.

Nominations will be announced on Monday, Dec. 11