GloRilla revealed she was denied access to her car when trying to pick it up from a hotel valet lot. The Memphis artist said she felt racially profiled while attempting to retrieve her Mercedez-Benz from the hotel valet employee who didn’t believe the luxury car was hers.

On Sunday, during an Instagram Live, GloRilla explained how she gave the male valet her room number but was met with hesitation from the worker to hand over the car.

“I was leaving the hotel. I went down to the valet to get the keys to have them bring my car back down. And so I’m telling them the number on my room … And so he looked at it and said, You said 000 (fake room number),” she said. “He like, Unh, unh. This isn’t yours. This is a Mercedes car. This car is expensive. This car isn’t yours,” she added.

“I’m like, What the f**k you mean? Give me my motherf**king car. I done told you the motherf**king number on the room and the name. Give me the car,” she said.

“He just knew I was stealing. Like, people is still so racist these days. Like how you gone look at me and tell me this ain’t my motherf**king car?” she mentioned while sitting in the Mercedes.

Glo explained her incognito outfit could have played a part in the valet not believing she could be the car’s owner.

“I don’t know if he thought because I had sweats on that I wasn’t s**t … ‘Cause you know I don’t be wanting people to just see me,” the CMG artist admitted.

“I had to get on and lie to his ass real quick,” she said. “‘I’m a billionaire. Stop playing with me. Who the f**k you think you talking to? … I will have my people sue you.”

“How is you telling me this not my car? Is you racially profiling me?” she asked.

The “Tomorrow 2” rapper did not mention the hotel’s location, but many assume it occurred in North Carolina following her Dreamville Fest performance.