At the advanced screening for her upcoming movie, Kidnap, Halle Berry revealed that she is developing a project which is going to star herself and the always working comedian, Kevin Hart.

When asked if there was anything she was producing or executive producing down the road, Berry said, “It’s a really fun movie and I think you guys will like this one too. I’m developing a movie for Universal with Kevin Hart. I did a little part in his movie What Now? We had such fun we said, ‘we should do a movie together.'”

Berry said it will be based off their characters in the standup comedy special Kevin Hart: What Now? 

Here is a trailer from Kevin Hart: What Now? which featured Berry

After speaking about the upcoming project with Hart, Berry also said something about a television series. She didn’t divulge details if she would be starring or just developing it. She starred in and exec produced the CBS sci-fi drama Extant, which aired for two seasons on from 2014-15.

Berry’s often-delayed movie, Kidnap, will be in theaters in August, while Hart has Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle coming soon, and so far for next year, Untouchable and the Malcolm D. Lee-directed Night School. 

Watch the conversation where Berry talks about the project below as well as a continuance of her remarks about diversity and her Oscar win, around the 17-minute mark:


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