As we continue to approach Halloween, a brand-new meme template based on humorous costume ideas has dropped on social media.

The meme utilizes the ever-familiar Spirit Halloween costume bag, centered around showing off humorous or unexpected dress-up ideas.

One of the early contributions to the trend involved a user making a self-deprecating joke about being the face of a “gay loser” costume.

A Sabrina Carpenter stan account followed suit and uploaded a humorous edit that appeared to fool many, judging by the comments.

“Munch” rapper Ice Spice also got a shoutout.

Fans of Avril Lavigne’s Let Go album will be happy to know that there was a user who paid homage to this iconic era.

Nicki Minaj was also included in one edit, though it was much less flattering than others that featured celebs.

Lil Nas X was another star who was roasted a bit.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles was embraced as a “big tittie b***h.”

We also have to shoutout the “unemployed” costume contribution.

There was also an “old hater DJ” costume that was almost believable.

Another meme referenced a Canadian teacher who made headlines earlier this year for having “giant prosthetic breasts,” according to the New York Post.

People took this trend and ran with it by making it their own.

What do you think about the trend, and will you be dressing up for Halloween this year? Let us know down below.