nullActor Harry Lennix, who can be currently seen on NBC’s hit show ‘The Blacklist,’ and, without question, a person unafraid to express himself fully – has decided to
put his money where his mouth is, and has announced his formation of a film production company called Exponent Media Group.

As he told Variety (here), along with his partner Steve Harris,
they are currently organizing a team of investors to create a film fund, with plans to make 5 films over the next 3 years, in the $1
million range.

As he says in the Variety article: “I decided that I needed to take control…It wasn’t easy to get this far
— Steve and I are just two guys from Chicago. What we want to do is to make
good quality films that we actually want to make for a price.”

He further added that: “I would love to just keep acting but I’m
forced to make business for myself. And because of the improvements in
production equipment, costs have gone down. I just wish I’d thought of this 20
years ago.”

Lennix has already produced and financed 3 films: “H4,”
a street version of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV,” with Lennix starring; and "Revival,” a gospel concert movie. Both have distribution deals set
through Nehst Media’s Digiplex. There’s also “Mr. Sophistication,” chronicling the journey
of a troubled and self-destructive stand-up
comedian played by Lennix.