Samuel L. Jackson is set to star alongside Henry Golding in the psychological sci-fi thriller, Head Games.

Music video and film director Anthony Mandler will helm the film, which has a script from from Colin Liddle, as Deadline reports. The film will be executive produced by A Higher Standard’s Jeffrey Greenstein, Range Media Partners’ Casey Durant, Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ Zac Frognowski and Kesh Keswani.

Head Games follows Jacob, a corporate spy who poses as a personal chef to infiltrate the villa of a former founder of a neuroprosthetics firm in order to steal his seismic-shifting new invention. Golding is set to portray the role of Jacob, while Jackson while portray Graham, the forner founder of the neuroprosthetics firm.

Head Games is the right mix of everything A Higher Standard advocates for — a high-quality, talent driven film that truly stands out as exceptional. Samuel is so believably and deceptively brilliant, making the pairing of him with Henry, who possesses the effortless charm to induce his way into Graham’s inner circle, an incredible canvass for Anthony to adeptly carry audiences on an intensely suspenseful ride,” said Greenstein.

Range Media Partners’ Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger will produce with Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ Josh Glick and Everlast Pictures’ Adonis Tountas.

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring this brilliant script to life,” said Mandler. “Head Games is a propulsive story that pushes the boundaries of what we know as reality and what could ultimately become fiction before our eyes. The buildup and ultimate unraveling of these characters is both a metaphor for our culture today as well as a foreshadowing to what’s to come.”

Principal photography for Head Games is set to start this October.