Buffalo 8 Productions is partnering with filmmaker Andre Gains to fast-track a documentary on Dick Gregory.

According to Variety, the producers are in talks with distributors and have Gaines and his team “have amassed over 300 hours of archival footage of Gregory, who died on Aug. 19, including footage shot since last year.”

Gaines was working on a documentary at the time titled, Dick Gregory: How To Survive In America, before Gregory’s death and had been working it with him and his son Christian, who is an executive producer. Back then, the project was being financed via a Kickstarter to raise $200K.

“Dick Gregory is one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th and 21st Centuries. I say ‘is’ because he is still present to me, like he is to so many who admired his wit, intellect, jokes and wisdom. Telling his story and working with his son Christian to honor his legacy is as meaningful to me and my team as the short time we spent with Dick Gregory himself,” says Gaines.

“Although it is a highly disrespectful omission, I am certain of the fact my father would have had some colorful remarks to say about it before hurrying back to the hard work of fighting for justice and uplifting humanity. I am especially proud of the work that Andre has been doing to tell his story. I know Dick Gregory was proud to be a part of the film before he passed,” said Christian Gregory.

At the time during the Kickstarter campaign for a documentary on himself, Gregory said, “This is more than just a film, it’s a movement. What you’re going to see in this film is information. Education is not power and money is not power. Information is power. The time is now. We have no more time. If we think we do, I say have fun, and have fun now, because recess is just about over. The time is now.”