Anthony Mackie and Zoë Chao are stuck in space and are considering their relationship status in the upcoming Peacock romantic comedy, If You Were the Last.

Also starring Natalie Morales and Geoff Stults, If You Were the Last stars Mackie and Chao as two NASA astronauts whose mission becomes one of dire straits. However, the two start thinking about the possibility of starting a relationship while being marooned. According to the official description:

Adam and Jane are three years into a NASA mission that has gone very wrong: Their ship is broken and drifting between Jupiter and Saturn. Finding ways to pass the time as they become certain that no one is coming to save them, they argue over what to do. One day, Adam poses that maybe they should sleep together; Jane laughs the idea off, but it prompts a flirty debate about whether they’re better off spending their remaining days as friends or something more.

Angela Bourassa serves as screenwriter as well as an executive producer with Harrison Huffman, Will Greenfield, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. Andrew Miano, Dan Balgoyen, Britta Rowings, Dennis Masel, Gabrielle Nadig, Jessamine Burgum, Kara Durrett, Jon Levin and Sean Woods also produce with Depth of Field, Pinky Promise and Storm City Films. Kristian Mercado directs.

If You Were the Last comes to Peacock Oct. 20.

Watch a clip from the film below: