FiGHT DANCE SiNG: Capoeira Across the CountryMy name is Kamal Robinson (aka ReDef.), and I am a Baltimore born independent film maker and began my film making journey on the set of a low budget Indie in the Bronx, "A Mans Man" starring then rapper Loon (directed by Troy Reed & produced by Hanif Shabazz).

Since then I went on to work as a production assistant on sets across the city, including Spike Lee’s "Inside Man" and Nelson George’s, "Life Support" starring Queen Latifah. I also worked on the hyper budgeted "I Am Legend", starring Will Smith. Thanks to a recommendation I was given the job of on set assistant to Mr. Smith, which I used as an opportunity to share my short films and film making ideas with Will Smith and his team.

Through that relationship, I was awarded an opportunity to work on Smith’s next movie in LA, "Hancock". After working on Hancock and acquiring enough on set education, I began my independent directing career shooting music videos and spec commercials.

But after a drought of opportunity in directing and tired of pitching ideas without support, I went on to shoot my first feature film "FiGHT DANCE SiNG: A Capoeirista’s Story," which was actually supposed to be a short film used in a new pitch, but realizing I had a capoeira audience seeking content, I made a full length feature and released it for free on the internet. And to this day, it still generates a steady climb in views.

This Month I released the sequel to my first film "FiGHT DANCE SiNG 2: Capoeira Across the Country". This movie uses the "lost footage" style of film making to tell the story of the main character, Junie’s long road trip from Los Angeles to New York. His only companions on the road are google maps and his camera. But he makes time to stop and play capoeira from city to city.

Like the first movie, this was done with no significant budget. Both movies were written, directed and edited by myself. And both were created as projects to gain the attention of investors and collaborators to help make my next movie, which is ready to rock.

But no matter what, I have proven that I will continue to produce projects. I am motivated by the need for growth as a human being as well as a story teller. I’m also motivated by my audience, seeking narratives that tell their stories. And I continue to write and create, collaborating and building on my capoeira movie projects, as well as my other works, which include documentaries, some of which can also be seen for free on my website:

Please check out my latest film, "FiGHT DANCE SiNG: Capoeira Across the Country," right now, for free below. And visit his website for more info.