I only just learned that Matthews was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January – a type of cancer that starts in the plasma cells in bone marrow. It’s news she kept private for many months, until just a few weeks ago, when she went public with the information, as a crowdfunding campaign was launched to raise money that would go towards paying for her treatment.

The married mother of three (who does not have health insurance coverage that would cover the procedure) is hoping to raise $75,000 that will help with the costs of a bone-marrow transplant, which doctors say she needs to assist with her recovery. The campaign was set up on September 2, and, as of today, 22 days later, over $51,000 has been contributed, which is obviously great, but there’s still another $26,000 to go for the campaign to be a success.

So if you’re able to do so, head over to the, where you can make a contribution to Matthews’ fundraising efforts.