Jaleel White can’t rid himself of his Family Matters character, Steve Urkel. White starred as the annoying next-door neighbor of the Winslows for nine years. The show became the second longest-running sitcom feating an all-Black cast.

Though White’s place in popular culture is solidified, he hasn’t always felt such. His transition from child star to a respected adult actor was less than seamless, with many trying to pigeonhole him into specific roles.

White details his experience in a new podcast, Ever After, features him and other child stars reminiscing on their industry childhoods. The first two premiere episodes are currently available for streaming and feature Keke Palmer and Haley Joel Osment. A new episode for this week features Raven-Symone. 

“I’ve wanted to make a podcast detailing the experience about what it’s like to go from being a child actor, to transition into a fully functioning adult,” White says in a statement about the podcast. “Luckily, some of my best friends growing up all had the same experience for me. So this podcast is one-part support group and one-part insider’s view, which gives you the straight scoop about what it’s like to grow up in the limelight and have to adjust back to reality when the lights dim. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many careers in my life and now I’m adding podcast to my resume.”

Ever After is created and produced by Audio Up Media in conjunction with Sweet Irony Productions and Topic. 

Watch a visual trailer for the podcast below:


Photo: Audio Up