It’s never a dull moment on Black Film Twitter.

In the latest roundup of news to go viral, Twitter is placing two acting legends head-to-head to determine which one has more range. The two legends in question: Will Smith and Jamie Foxx.

The viral debate kicked off earlier this month when a Twitter user posed the question of whether Foxx really has more range than Smith.

The tweet ignited a firestorm of responses, with various Twitter users giving their two cents on who has more range and why.

Looking at the similarities between Foxx and Smith, it’s hard not to compare their careers. Both are critically and commercially successful movie actors who got their start in television and went on to crossover into music, with stellar results.

In addition, both have multiple Oscar nominations under their belt. Smith was nominated for his performances in Ali and The Pursuit Of Happyness, while Foxx was nominated for his role in Collateral and won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray. 

However, both are iconic actors in their own right and will have separate legacies that can exist together.