The drama between cousins LaTisha Scott and Keke Jabaar on Love & Marriage: Huntsville is only intensifying. After seasons of back and forth with Keke promising to expose Marsau’s infidelity and aligning with Melody Shari, she’s finally delivering on those threats. Marsau has denied all rumors, and LaTisha has stood by her man. In an exclusive Shadow and Act Unscripted preview for the upcoming episode, Keke is growing increasingly frustrated by her cousin over feelings she’s allowing Marsau to gaslight her.

Keke is frustrated with Latisha

A clip for the Oct. 22 episode shows Keke at lunch with Melody, and of course, LaTisha becomes the topic of discussion. Keke vents to Melody about not wanting her cousin LaTisha to look bad because of the cheating rumors about Marsau. But a woman is now claiming  Marsau had a threesome with her and another party. Keke admits she doesn’t know whether the rumors about Marsau rumors are true, but feels there could be more to the story. She also tells Melody that she’s frustrated with LaTisha for believing her gaslighting husband over her own family. 

Melody weighs In

Melody can’t understand why LaTisha isn’t paying attention to the constant chatter and distancing herself from Keke. As cousins, Keke says it’s time her and LaTisha finally sit and chat because she is tired of the tension, especially because she feels she been holding her cousin down. Melody tells Keke that she and her cousin need to have a conversation, while also noting that LaTisha needs to be more in tuned with what’s potentially going on with her husband.

Check out the clip below: