Add Latto to the list of celebrities whose performances have been disrupted by a fan tossing an object on stage. Concertgoers have seemingly lost their mind spawning a new trend of hurling objects on stage mid-performance, potentially hurting performers.

During Latto’s recent Rolling Loud performance in Germany, the “Big Energy” artist was mid-verse when an object was thrown her way. While standing on a speaker box, Latto looked directly at the assailant and threatened to “beat” their “a**.”

“Want your a** beat? Throw it again,” Latto questioned. “Throw it again, I’m a beat your a**,” she repeated while performing “Put It On The Floor.”

Video of the confrontation has made rounds on social media. Commenters have pointed out Latto’s comedic approach to a trend targeting artists in the last few months.


Lil Nas X recently dodged an object tossed at the stage during his set at Lollapalooza Stockholm in Sweden. Bebe Rexha was hit in the eye with a cellphone during her New York City tour stop in June, leaving her with a black eye. 


There was no follow-up footage of the concertgoer being removed or confronted by the security; Latto made sure the crowd knew she was not to be played with.