The Craft: Legacy‘s Lovie Simone has given her side of those fan-generated rumors that she’s coming to Euphoria.

On a recent episode of Shadow and Act Live with S&A’s Trey Mangum, Simone said that she hasn’t been approached by the Euphoria team to feature in the show.

I have not heard anything about me being in Euphoria. I don’t know about that–they haven’t contacted me,” she said. But,” she added, if they want to [have me on the show]…you can take me for an episode or something  [laughs]. I have seen Euphoria and I will say that Zendaya is killing it. She is doing the job.”

Simone also talked about how her various roles such as Greenleaf and Selah and the Spades have supplied darker-skinned Black girls representation that hasn’t been previously available, as well as her frustration that she’s one of a few darker-skinned young actresses on television and in film.

“It makes a little angry, but it does flatter me a little bit. But it does make me a little angry, only because like, ‘Dang, I’m the representation of what you guys were missing,'” she said. “I’ve only seen me a couple [of] times on TV. I want us to go darker and I want us to have more substance in the film industry…I’m just happy I get to tell stories for girls who look like me in power positions and get to live.”

You can watch the full episode below:


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