RJ Cyler at arrivals for ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL Premiere, Harmony Gold Theater, Los Angeles, CA June 3, 2015. Photo By: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection
RJ Cyler (Photo By: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)

After the impressive box office numbers earned by “Straight Outta Compton” 2 years ago, some expected a sudden boost in similar hip-hop biopics backed by Hollywood studios because of “Compton’s” success.

In addition to the Tupac Shakur biopic “All Eyez on Me” which was already in the works, but had been in Limbo and was soon fast-tracked, there were announcements/talks of biopics on Death Row Records, Gang Starr biopic, Public Enemy, Dogg Pound, Master P. and others. None as actually gone into production that we’re aware of, but we continue to watch for progress.

We can today add Luther Campbell, leader of the provocative, controversial 80s/90s rap group 2 Live Crew, to the growing list of potential hip-hop biopics. Although this one appears to be a sure-thing, with a studio, Lionsgate, backing it.

It’ll be based on Campbell’s memoir, “The Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City” and has already found its lead: RJ Cyler of Fox Searchlight’s “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” and the 2017 reboot of “Power Rangers” which Lionsgate also distributed.

Published in summer 2015, “The Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City” is described as “the raw and powerful true story of how one man invented Southern Hip-Hop, saved the First Amendment, and became a role model for his disenfranchised Miami neighborhood… The ‘King of Dirty Rap’ who helped pioneer the worldwide phenomenon known as the Miami Bass sound, infuriated the conservative mainstream and became Public Enemy #1 when hip hop crossed the color line into white America.” (Amazon)

I was young during those years, but I remember all of that.

Lionsgate is said to be moving ahead quickly with the project, billed as “‘Straight Outta Compton’ meets ‘The People Vs. Larry Flynt’,” tapping Craig A. Williams to script.

Mike Epps is an executive producer alongside Industry Entertainment, with Temple Hill producing and overseeing the project.

No director is attached at this time.

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