Zavier Andrews is an HBCU alum of Norfolk State University, a dancer and the creator of the latest Stomp N Shake dance moves used in a new viral challenge on TikTok.

Andrews’ moves have become a hit with majorettes and cheer teams across the U.S, who are putting on their dancing shoes to show off their best rendition of the challenge.

“I love that y’all love this dance! KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING. Just wait till you see me and THE first team that did the choreography the NSU CHEER TEAM ! MY HBCU!,” He captioned his TikTok.

@_zayvii_ Men DON’T SHAKE in Stomp & Shake BUT JUST KNOW THAT WE CAN DOWN IF WE NEED TO 😏😎🔥🤘🏾 ZAY HAS ENTERED THE CHALLENGE!🤪 I love it D.C : @la💕 how did I do ?😢 #dancer #stompnshake #college #highschool #eat #slay #FlexEveryAngle #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #beyone #hbcupride #hbcu ♬ Body unreleased – Kayyosamaa bounce artist 🎤

A Bethel High School cheerleader named La discovered Andrews’ post about the dance and decided to create a challenge for other dance and cheer teams. Since posting the dance tutorial, La has noticed a momentum of performers and coaches sharing their take on the Stomp N Shake challenge, leaving it up to viewers to comment on who they think has slayed.

“This is how I perceived the dance anyways, but I hope ian confuse you,” she said in response to a user’s comment for a tutorial on the dance number.

@unlaidadulthairs Replying to @itzz._kyky this is how i perceived the dance anyways but i hope ian confuse you dc: @_zayvii_ ♬ original sound – la💕

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘Stomp and shake’ (SNS), it is a cheerleading style that originated among African Americans in the early 1970s. Many believe the beautifully unique cheer style is not a technical sort of cheerleading and has similarities to fraternities and sororities.

La and the Bethel High School cheer’s Step N Shake has received over 2 million views.

La’s coach aslo showed out and reminded us where the Bethel High ladies get it.

The online dance battle has over 100 videos of dance and cheer performances. In honor of homecoming season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routines on Tiktok.

@deiyaschamber with my girl😝🫶🏾 @Breana Poyner ♬ original sound – Renate
@gvd.kayy Y’all know we had to do it on gamedayyy and we took the W✨🔥 DC: @unlaidadulthairs 🥰#cheerchallenge #stompandshake #fypシ #cheercoachlife #coach #hbcucheer #dancechallenge ♬ original sound – Renate

What do you think of the Stomp N Shake challenge?